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How to start your own e-load retail business

Want to start a quick and simple business to earn extra cash on the side? An eLoad retail business might be for you.
By Angelica Louise G. Dantes |
How to start your own e-load retail business

Looking to start your own e-load business but don’t know where or how to start? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the e-loading business that could help you start your own business today.

1.    What do I need to start an e-load retail business?

The capital and requirements are very minimal. All you would need is a mobile phone, a retailer SIM card, and around P500–P1000 as starting balance.

2.    Are there different ways to start an e-load retail business?

There are two ways to get started on your e-load retail business: 1) By getting individually issued retail SIM cards from telecom companies (Globe, Smart, or Sun Cellular) and 2) By getting an All-in-One SIM Card from a third party seller (this enables retailer to sell prepaid load for all networks using just a single, special SIM card).

3.    What method of e-loading should I choose for my retail business?

Logically, each retailer SIM card from one telecom network would require one smartphone (unless the retailer uses a dual-SIM phone). Thus, to sell prepaid loads for Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular users, the retailer has to make sure each retailer SIM card will be in use.

On the other hand, for the All-in-One SIM card, the retailer needs just one mobile phone to sell prepaid loads to users of all three major telecom networks. However, there is a special code to be used before finalizing every transaction (for security purposes).

Another advantage of the All-in-One SIM card is that its service extends beyond e-load for cellular network users. All-in-One SIM Cards can also re-load pre-paid cable subscriptions, Internet cards, and eCredits.

4.    Where do I get a Retailer SIM Card?

Individual Retailer SIM Cards can be purchased from wireless centers of each telecom network. The SIM card usually comes with an activation service and an associated eWallet/eMoney account with an issued PIN. The eWallet or eMoney account is where the retailer can store credits (money value) to be used for reloading prepaid phones of customers.

The All-in-One SIM card functions in the same way and are available for sale online from dealers. Credits for the eWallet/eMoney account are also purchased through those online dealers.

*A warning about the All-in-One SIM card–although there are legitimate third-party providers/dealers out there, not all are reliable. Please be vigilant in choosing which third-party provider you associate with.   

5.    How do I earn through this business?

eload_2.JPGAs an e-load retailer, you get your earnings through commission. The percent commission per Telecom Company ranges from 3% to 13%.  You earn your commission as the amount diminished from your eWallet/eMoney account is less than what the customer pays for, depending again on the percent commission. (To illustrate, a prepaid load worth P30 may deduct about P27 from the load wallet. Thus, a P3 profit is generated from that transaction. The rate of commission, as mentioned, may vary per telecom firm).

6.    How much can I earn per month?

On average, this business can earn you P1000–2000 per month depending on the number of people who buy eLoad from you and the commission rates. Of course, there is a potential to earn more if the retailer can sell prepaid load to more customers.

7.    Is there any other possible e-load business besides being a retailer?

E-load retailers are the so-called ‘front liners’ of the e-loading business. The hierarchy goes: there’s the telecom company on top, followed by large company distributors, dealers, sub-dealers, and finally the retailers. For individuals who have more start-up capital available (around P4000–P7000), a sub-dealership can provide larger income through an added commission from the retailers you entice to join your network.  


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