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Is it time to hire a professional manager?

Delegating some responsibilities can help a business owner keep his eye on growing the business.
By Rafael Santos |

As your business grows, so do the responsibilities of keeping it a well- oiled machine. Often, a small business owner can be overwhelmed with the added tasks of dealing with more customers and keeping them all satisfied with your products.

However, most entrepreneurs are hesitant to entrust their hard won success to other people they don’t necessarily know. Having a ‘can-do’ attitude is one thing, but nobody can possibly be a ‘do-it-all’ person and manage all aspects of the business as it continues to grow.

According to Human Resources Management consultant James Cosing, Managing Director of Basic Staffing Center Co., learning to delegate is often the most difficult transition a business owner has to make.

“Most entrepreneurs think that as soon as they relinquish control, everything will go wrong and the business will fail. The truth is, hiring the right manager for the job can help a growing business transition better into a full fledged powerhouse. New people come in with fresh ideas, and can compensate for an owner’s blind spots,” he said.


But when is the right time to hire a professional manager? Cosing lists some of the signs.

1. You’re becoming too busy to manage front line people.

As the lifeblood of any successful enterprise, your front liners such as sales staff should be managed closely to make sure that they’re performing at maximum efficiency. But as the business grows and the responsibilities expand, some business owners may find it more difficult to juggle different tasks.

“Multitasking as an owner can work if the enterprise is still small. But when you find yourself not having enough time to even assess how your employees are performing, that’s a sign that you need someone to help you manage them. The problem with prolonging the issue of hiring a manager is that small issues you may have overlooked have a tendency to balloon and get out of control,” Cosing said.

2. The pace of the business is picking up


A growing business may mean you need to expand and put up more branches, and this in turn means more tasks will be added to your plate. Looking for someone to help you with this task, whether it is a relative or an outside hire, is crucial to sustaining growth.

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