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Is your business prepared for disasters?

Being unprepared for calamities can seriously damage a business.
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Almost half  or 48 percent of Filipino businesses do not have a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place for their IT and 45 percent have no business continuity for their workplace requirements. The catastrophic spate of disasters that occurred in 2011, including typhoon ‘Juaning’ in August and ‘Sendong’ recently , has driven the issue of disaster recovery to the top boardroom agendas highlighting the huge cost to businesses that natural disasters and their aftermath can cause.


[related|post]Although these are extreme examples, the consequences of common events such as fires and vandalism can also seriously damage a business. Based on the latest survey of Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces, which canvassed the opinions of over 12,000 business people in 85 countries, a significant proportion of firms are taking a huge risk with their shareholders assets and failing to take proper precautions.

The findings also noted the following:
An estimated 48 percent of Filipino firms compared to 45 percent globally do not have an IT DR plan in place ensuring systems are up and running within 24 hours;
Globally 55 percent of firms have no workplace recovery that could be available within 24 hours, and The Philippines follows this trend with 45 percent of firms lacking workplace disaster recovery;
Filipino businesses are more likely to perceive the cost of disaster recovery as prohibitive (38 percent) than average (33 percent);


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