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Is your business ready for an emergency?

A good disaster management plan keeps your business running even during emergencies.
By Rafael Santos |

Disasters can strike when you least expect it. Businesses are often vulnerable to sudden work stoppages, be it hastily declared holidays, natural calamities, or worker-related issues like employee strikes.

Lost manpower hours have especially become an issue in the wake of the recent natural disasters. Often, affected workers are forced to stay home, leading to a potential loss for your untended company.  The challenge is how to ensure continuous business operations amidst these unforeseen events. talked to business owner Glen Durias of kiosk and installation manufacturer CartPlus Enterprises, as well as management consultant Richard Ongkiko on how entrepreneurs can mitigate the impact of such occurrences. Here are some of their tips:


1. Help the affected staff get back on their feet
Taking care of distressed workers may be one of the most vital tasks a business owner can do at this time. This is one way of ensuring your employees can get back to work sooner, and develop better loyalty to the company.


Durias, who heads a company that creates customized food carts and kiosks to franchise companies, says most of his employees were affected by the recent typhoons. Even his warehouse and factory were flooded. But despite the material losses, he set about taking care of his employees first.

"I personally went to their houses and distributed relief goods and some cash to tide them over. I believe all businesses live and die with their people, so I knew that helping them get back on their feet the soonest was the best way to get them back to working. Thankfully, it worked because a week after, we finished all our pending deliveries," he said.

Ongkiko echoes Durias\\\' sentiments, adding that making people feel important is a vital way to cultivate a culture of loyalty and togetherness in a company.

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