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Knowing your rights as a creative entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur running a creative business, you should be aware of your legal rights
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As an entrepreneur running a creative business, you should be aware of your legal rights. First off, copyright law grants authors, computer programmers, web site designers, and other creators legal protection for their literary, artistic, dramatic and other types of creations, which are usually referred to as "works."

Copyright enables an author to control the economic use of his work in a number of ways and to receive payment. It also provides "moral rights" which protect, among the other things, an author\\\'s reputation and the integrity of the work. This includes protection for a vast variety of original works: books, magazines, newspapers, music, paintings, photographs, sculptures, architecture, films, computer games, video games, and original databases.

You should be aware that while the internet offers a wealth of information, not all of those ideas are free to use as you wish. As an entrepreneur, you must learn to be aware of copyrights to prevent any legal trouble.

A copyright enables a business to use it for:

1) Control of commercial exploitation of original works

Works protected by copyright may not be copied or expolited commercially by others without prior permission of the rights owner.

2) Generating income

Like the owner of a property, the owner of a copyright in a work may use it, give it away by way of sale or gift or inheritance

3) Raising funds

A copyright may be used as a form of collateral when borrowing money from a financial institution

4) Take action against infringers

Copyright holders can take legal action against anything violating on his exclusive rights.

5) Use work owned by others

Using work based on copyright owned by others may enhance the value and efficiency of your business and may even enhance the brand\\\'s value.

According to the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, copyright protection here is automatic. Works can be protected by the sole fact of creation, regardless of their mode or form of expression as well as their content, quality and purpose. No need to file an application.



For more information on copyrights in the Philippines, check out the Intellectual Property Center web site at

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