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Lessons to remember when running a tiangge

Instead of joining one, here\\\'s how a bazaar can be your business
By Kendrick S. Go |

Bazaars, given their low operating cost and high foot traffic, are popular venues for first-time and startup entrepreneurs.


Indeed, at any given month, several bazaars are being held simultaneously all over the metro, and the very popularity of these bazaars has made organizing them a profitable venture in itself.

But before you start putting up those tent and racks and racks of goods and merchandise, a bazaar  organizer  shares seven things to consider when organizing your own tiangge:

1. Network

Myren Garcia, founding president of the Network for Entrepreneurship for Women (NEW), says it is very important for a bazaar organizer to have a wide network of contacts to help in mounting bazaars.

In fact, she says, this is the very first thing most bazaar merchants or concessionaires would ask a bazaar organizer who approaches them.

An organizer’s network includes,but should not be limited to,  contacts in malls, to suppliers, and to booth constructors. Garcia says it also helps to have media or celebrities in one’s list of contacts, for they help draw in crowds and assure prospective merchants that the bazaar would at least be well-publicized.

As a first-time bazaar organizer in 2008, Garcia felt that it was necessary to partner with a media organization in order to market a bazaar event. She proceeded to establish such a partnership, enabling her to convince bazaar merchants that she really could organize well-publicized and successful bazaars.

2. Location

Besides  having an extensive network of contacts, a bazaar organizer must develop the knack for finding good bazaar locations that have high foot traffic coming from the intended target market.

Garcia, who organizes bazaars targeting middle to high-end markets, says that she has had to turn down many requests to host bazaars in high foot-traffic areas with the wrong target market.

3. Marketing plan

Especially for the first-time bazaar organizer, a great marketing and advertising plan is an absolute must.

Garcia recalls that to create buzz for her first bazaar, she had to post advertisements in newspapers and online forums and even had a billboard made to announce the bazaar.

Of her three advertising approaches, online advertising proved to be the most cost-effective.

She says it was so effective that after her first bazaar, she decided to rely solely on online forums and blogs to publicize her succeeding bazaars. Another crowd magnet, she adds, is to have celebrity guests and promotional activities during the bazaar.

She says that over time, marketing bazaars becomes less taxing because by then, you would have already built a track record among merchants and buyers.



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