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Liza Soberano Opens A Wellness Center Focusing on Hands and Feet

The actress helped develop the pampering services herself
By Nicole Arcano for |


With her unbelievably hectic schedule, Liza Soberano definitely knows a thing or two about craving a few moments of relaxation. In fact, her passion for wellness traces way back to her humble beginnings as a commercial model, in which she would find solace in a simple nail spa visit. That passion only grew stronger since she became one of the country's prime actresses, enough to inspire her to share that passion with others. Hence, Hope Hand and Foot Wellness was born.


In a Preview exclusive, the actress reveals more about her new business and what we can all expect from each visit. Read more about Hope below!



IMAGE Courtesy of Hope Hand and Foot Wellness



Hi Liza! What inspired you to put up your own wellness center?

"Wellness goes beyond what meets the eye. I personally wanted to go beyond beauty and delve into the core of what makes us the best version of ourselves and that is wellness. Specifically targeting the hands and feet, because [those] are amongst the most tired parts of our body, we want to be able to help people address their problems."



Why did you decide to call it Hope? Other than it being your name, of course!

"Correct, on the surface my name is Hope, but other than [that] we chose to name it that way because hope uplifts the spirit and body. I also think it's a very personal word that everybody looks forward to day by day."





Have you always been into pampering sessions? What do you love about them?


"Back when I would still audition for commercials and TV shows, I would always feel down whenever I would get declined for the part. I mean, who wouldn't? So one way I relaxed and uplifted my spirit was by going to nail spas, which made me realize that no matter how different our individual lifestyles may be, we all turn to our daily routines; we turn to our rituals [that] give us hope."



What can people look forward to the spa when they visit?

"Our goal was always to impress our customers by showing them how much we paid attention to details—from the ambience of the venue, to our highly trained Hope girls."



IMAGE Courtesy of Hope Hand and Foot Wellness



What are your favorite services at Hope?

"I helped put together the services with my tita Joni and ate Aikee and I can attest that each and every package is 100 percent effective and 100 percent natural. Even with our nail polish, we looked for the best brands that would be less harmful, that even pregnant women can use.


"My favorite [service] would have to be the Hope Signature Package. Just because it focuses on regenerating and rejuvenating the feet and hands and it comes with a 70-minute massage, which I love!"



IMAGE Courtesy of Hope Hand and Foot Wellness



How unique do you think Hope is from existing wellness spas?

"There may be some similarities but Hope focuses on wellness as a mindset, lifestyle and a ritual. Initially targeting the hands and feet because like I said they're amongst the most abused parts of our body, but down our pipeline, we plan on adding other wellness treatments and products that can help people feel better about themselves."





Hope Hand and Foot Wellness is located at 74 Tomas Morato Ave., Creekside Square, Quezon City and opens to the public on December 15.






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