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Local ice cream manufacturer churns out yogurt ice cream

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By Carlo P. Mallo |

Local ice cream manufacturer, Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC) launched the first flavor of their yogurt ice cream today. While there are already a hundred yogurt stores dotting Metro Manila, FIC promises a new experience for its customers with their own version of yogurt ice cream.

FIC’s yogurt ice cream is both yogurt and ice cream. It brings the same health benefits from probiotics, that one gets from a serving of soft serve frozen yogurt and the smooth, creamy richness of ice cream.

Unlike the usual servings of yogurt, which is in the soft serve version, FIC’s yogurt ice cream can be taken out of the freezer and put back. “The thing with our yogurt ice cream is that it’s texture and consistency is maintained,” FIC president Jose Celdran said during the launch.

But the attribute that makes FIC stand out from the throng of yogurt products is that it is produced by local farmers. “What we use is not reconstituted yogurt. You cannot claim a yogurt to be fresh if it is not locally made, there is just no way to do that,” says Celdran.

The first flavor that will roll out to supermarkets and FIC scooping stations is the Lemon Crumble. Another flavor is set to be rolled out by the end of the third quarter.


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