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Making the most out of your bazaar experience

Bazaars sprout left and right as soon as \\\'ber\\\' months start.
By Entrepreneur Staff |

It\\\'s the bazaar season once again and with All Saint\\\'s Day and All Soul\\\'s Day over and done with, we can expect everyone to go full blast on their holiday preparations. And that includes bazaars!

From the high-end bazaars in posh villages, to celebrity bazaars, and the weekly evening bazaars, major cities in the country will have bazaars left and right to satiate the shopping needs of the Filipino. And since bazaars is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, listed down tips on how you can make the most out of your bazaar experience.

1. Research! Research! Research!
Check the track record of the bazaar organizer and the foot traffic of their previous events. Find out if the bazaar’s target market fits yours. Examine the venue’s accessibility and the lineup of merchants as well.

2. Be introspective.
Try to put yourself in the shoes of prospective bazaar-goers and think out if the bazaar venue you have in mind is actually a place you would want to visit. And if there’s going to be an entrance fee, would there be a degree of reluctance on the part of the bazaar-goers?

3. Promotion
Find out how the bazaar organizer can further promote the activity and your brand.


1. Flaunt your PR skills.
Really talk to your clients! There is so much you can learn from them by simply listening to their ideas and suggestions on how to improve your products. Get their contact details.

2. Always bring a set of business cards and promotional tools.
Have a business card or flyer ready. That’s also the easiest way to generate regular customers.

3. Smile!
Enjoy the experience and have fun no matter how tedious the bazaar is. Your aura reflects on how you deal with clients, and it can either attract or disappoint a customer.

Note: There is no exact formula for finding a foolproof bazaar. Even if the organizer puts all the required elements together, sometimes things just don’t work out. Many unexpected things could happen that could somehow diminish the bazaar’s success—poor weather conditions, sudden traffic jams, or a grand mall sale near the bazaar venue.


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