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Marketing 101: Twitter for business

Twitter is a great marketing tool.
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The global popularity of Twitter seems puzzling, what with its 140-characters limit. The micro-blogging site has more than 24 million unique visitors per month, with 500 million messages—called “tweets”—per day. As some people have discovered, while many media outlets choose to bombard users with extensive amounts of data and text, Twitter whittles it down to a few succinct sentences and gives users only what need.

[related|post]Twitter is the perfect tool for your business to quickly share information and build ties with customers. Its appeal and relevance to branding lies in its convenience: it requires very little effort to announce a sale or launch, to anticipate the release of new products, or to answer customer concerns.

Here’s how you can take advantage of Twitter for your business:

Get named and create a following. When creating a Twitter account, make sure that your username is short, easy to remember (and type), and captures the essence of your company or brand well. For many businesses, the company name is enough. After creating an account, you need to be “followed” by as many people as possible, meaning you have to get people to subscribe to your tweets. If you have friends who are already on Twitter, ask them to follow you. It may be a small number, but it’s a start. Spread the word about your Twitter account through your other accounts with social media.


Become a follower as well. Make an effort to subscribe to the Twitter pages of other companies, brands, or personalities that are linked or relevant to your brand because they’re a good source of information for you and your followers. By doing this, you also expand your reach, opening you up to more potential followers.

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