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Marketing and advertising tips from a food company

Kraft executive shares global powerhouse\\\'s strategy to drive company growth.
By Cheryl M. Arcibal |


In terms of marketing, the Kraft Foods executive also revealed that the company always makes sure that it knows who its target market is, enabling it to calibrate its marketing and promotional efforts to this particular segment.

"I would say there are three key things for a strong marketing in the Philippines. First it has to be led by consumer insights and I say we\\\'ve really made investments that increased our knowledge by consumer insights and we make sure we know what the right insights are to tap into [and] to grow our business. So that\\\'s fundamental -- understanding our consumer is the most important part of what of we do. Second...we make sure that we can translate that understanding into fantastic market and fantastic innovation," Warren said.

He mentioned various events and activities that promote Kraft Foods products. These include the Thank You day by Toblerone and the Oreo bungee jumping time for kids, among others.


The third technique is increasing in investments in advertising, according to Warren. Beyond brand awareness, Warren shared that like most brands in the world, Kraft Foods’ advertising strategy has evolved.

He mentioned internet and digital marketing as an area where the company is putting more and more resources and focus. "It used to be that our advertising was concentrated on TV but we really had a change in mindset. We\\\'ve moved from a world with TV only plan to really have a much more integrated marketing approach. In 2007, we didn\\\'t do any digital marketing program. This year, as I take a look at what we\\\'re doing, we\\\'re doing very, very strong integrated campaign -- using the internet, social network and everything. We believe that moving from this old approach of the TV only to be a much more integrated marketing of consumers is the way the future looks. Let\\\'s face it, we are not watching TV as much as we used to five to 10 years ago and I think we realized that the behavior of our consumers are shifting and we need to be relevant. We need to be sure that we evolve in a way that we talk to our customers," Warren said.


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