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Marketing and advertising tips from a food company

Kraft executive shares global powerhouse\\\'s strategy to drive company growth.
By Cheryl M. Arcibal |

In the Philippines, two main factors continued to reign supreme in the consciousness of Filipino consumers - affordability and nutrition.

US-headquartered Kraft Foods keeps these two factors in mind in launching, marketing and selling their products in the Philippines. Kraft Foods is the maker of  Eden cheese and Cheez Whiz brands, Toblerone and Cadbury chocolates, Oreo and Tiger Energy Biscuits and Tang Juice drinks, among others.

Recognizing that the Philippines is a key driver of the company growth in the Asia Pacific region, Shawn Warren, Kraft Foods vice president for marketing, Asia Pacific, told journalists that the company has used ways to be more responsive to the needs and preferences of the Filipinos consumers.

"From our learning and listening, what we\\\'ve heard is that affordability is very important. How do we deliver our brand that consumers love in more affordable sizes that recognize that times are tough?..We launched Tiger Energy biscuits at less than P4 a pack. That\\\'s why we launch Cheez Whiz in sachets, that are around P5 and that\\\'s why you see Eden now sold in \\\'sulit pack\\\' that are under P10," Warren added.


The sachet pack is peculiar to the Philippine market, he noted, but added that this retail technique is now being used by Kraft Foods in Indonesia.

Nutrition value is also foremost on the mind of Filipino consumers, Warren said, adding that more and more people want to have more options and more choices to improve the health and nutrition of their family.

A bonus or the third factor is fun in the products that consumers buy. "The last one I would say is,  it\\\'s all about fun. It\\\'s all about a great day...and we are proud that as a company we make sure that our products have fun," Warren noted.


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