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Maximize Twitter for your business with these 4 online tools

Which tool will be most helpful for you on Twitter?
By Entrepreneur Staff |

The complicated 140-character world of Twitter is something that most entrepreneurs would want to break into. But how can you decipher what’s on the mind of your target market, your followers, and the rest of Twitterverse if everything is limited to 140 characters and a couple of lines as bio? listed down four online tools that can help you listen in on what people are talking and thinking out loud about on Twitter.

Similar to what Google does, searches the entire Twitterverse for the terms you have entered. And after clicking on ‘enter’ you will see every public conversation happening on Twitter related to your keywords.

With close to 200 million users on Twitter, you have a massive pool of up-to-the-minute conversations happening globally. Twitter Search provides access to real human beings\\\' thoughts, and with the advanced search functions, you can get very specific. Once you find people who are talking about your area of interest, you can engage them in real time on a personal level.

2. Twitter Grader
Another tool that can help you get a better grasp of what is happening on Twitter is Twitter Grader, which ranks the top people on Twitter by geographic location. “It uses an algorithm that looks at a person\\\'s number of followers and how many people he or she follows, and also takes into consideration the number of conversations and retweets he or she is having. Using this data, Twitter Grader ranks people from 0 to 100 percent. It\\\'s not foolproof, but this tool is one of the best ways for you to identify the most influential people in a city or region who are on Twitter,” says

3. is a conversational search engine that indexes millions of conversations allowing you to keep up with what people are talking about on Twitter. Yes, without even following them.

This online tool allows you to see who is tweeting links to a website. Other conversational search engines usually miss out on links that use URL shorteners. crawls through all of the shortened tweets to see what the true sites are that are being linked to.


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