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McDonald\\\'s through 30 years

Surviving 30 years is no easy feat, much more if your business survived 3 People Power revolutions, and several coup attempts.
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Every Filipino knows what McDonald’s is, aside from the fact that it is the direct competitor of a local brand of quick service restaurant. But do Filipinos really know what else McDonald’s is really made of aside from the fact that it’s a global brand with a local presence?

1.    McDonald’s in the Philippines is owned by Filipino entrepreneur George Yang brought the brand to the country in 1981 after several attempts. In the first few attempts, Yang was turned down by the heads of McDonald’s in the US saying that the Philippines was in the radar (for expansion) but was not yet a priority.

2.    The Philippines is the only country that serves McSpaghetti in the entire world. Not even McDonald’s in Italy has pasta.

3.    The Coke Float in the country is the only one of its kind served with hot fudge on top of the sundae.

4.    Parties in the Philippines are by far the largest with an average of 30 people. Most countries have 6 to 10.

5.    The McDonald’s delivery system started in the Philippines, a move the McDonald’s in the US found peculiar. McDonald’s is literally in every corner in the US, thus no need for a delivery system.


Still wondering why McDonald’s survived 30 years in the country and continues to make waves with its latest offerings? The gallery below shows the innovations, the adaptations, and marketing campaigns that McDonald’s did in the Philippines making it one of the leaders in the quick service restaurant industry.

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