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Measuring performance

Read how these 10 measures can ensure your business is in tip top shape.
By Reylito Elbo |

What\\\'s the right approach for a manager-entrepreneur like you? What style suitable to your company\\\'s culture and standard will help you create an objective process with your employees?

What most people focus on when they ask these questions is finding out what the experts are doing in the first place. But before you can make sense of what\\\'s out there, of course, you need to understand that results alone will not necessarily tell you all you need to know about the performance of a task and of its target results.

The key word here is "measure," a task can also be expressed in so many other ways: appraising, assessing, calculating, computing, determining, evaluating, or gauging the performance of your people in the workplace.

The good news: you don\\\'t have to start from scratch. You can get a leg up by learning from the experience of others. The beauty of this exercise is that you can avoid some of the mistakes they made. You can simply adopt or adapt the techniques and processes that took other companies to world-class levels of performance.

Aligning work performance levels

To make the whole matter of progressing to world-class levels more practical and accessible to you, I am distilling here hundreds of complex descriptions into just five key levels, each of which should fit your current practice and where you want to go. The descriptions are based on directly observations of a great variety of management practices and on studies of what practical things organizations can actually do.


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