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Mind matters

By Regina Layug Rosero |

What do you get when you go to the Mind Museum in Taguig’s Bonifacio Global City? Twelve thousand five hundred square meters of learning and exploration.


Conceptualized in 2006, this P1-billion development features over 250 exhibits, most of them interactive, designed by Filipino artists, scientists and engineers based on materials from the National Geographic Channel. The project was led by the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc., whose members include individuals from Ayala Land Inc., the Campos Group of Companies, Bases Conversion Development Corp., and Bonifacio Global City.


The Mind Museum’s main goal is to help breed scientific literacy and encourage curiosity among visitors of all ages, from six to 96. The combination of “science” and “museum,” can be intimidating, but marketing manager Trixie Tacardon dispels this notion. “We encourage visitors to explore on their own. No guided tours. We really want people to go around on their own,” she says.


Unless there are signs explicitly forbidding it, guests are encouraged to touch the items on display. You can push a button, turn a dial, sit or step on something to activate them. A popular attraction is the Van de Graaff static ball. Grab hold of this metallic orb, and you’ll see your hair stand on end. The point of the exercise is to demonstrate the principle of static electricity.



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