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Mobile ads to continue growth in 2011

Mobile ads will take center stage as the new medium to reach consumers at the same scale as TV
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Advances in the mobile phones and other mobile gadgets like androids and tablets have only ensured that 2011 will be the year for mobile advertising, or as InMobi sees it.

InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, released its forecast for the year, based on its findings on what trends there are for mobile advertising in Asia. [Read about the growing popularity of mobile ads in Asia here]

“The rapid growth of media consumption via smart phones signifies an important shift in the Asian mobile advertising community.  While consumers are already using their mobile devices as the primary screen in these emerging markets, the opportunity for marketers as adoption of smart phone technology increases will transform the global media landscape,” James Lamberti, VP of Global Research & Marketing of InMobi, said.

The study conducted by InMobi showed that Finnish brand Nokia, maintains its lead in the market holding nine of the top ten handsets in Asia. However, it is the iPhone which leads the pack as the top smart phone of choice. [Read about digital marketing strategies here]


Overall, the Asian market grew by 9% in only 90 days driven by huge increases in smart phone impressions.

Robert Woolfrey, Director of Brand Sales in APAC for InMobi, said that marketers\\\' mobile advertising opportunities in the region continue to increase rapidly.

“2010 trends in our network leave no doubt those brands now have a complimentary channel to TV to reach consumers, at scale, with a compelling creative experience. The smart phone revolution in the region will only enhance that trend in 2011,” Woolfrey said.

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