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Mobile app makes investing easier

New features on this mobile app makes it easier for you to invest your money.
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There is no stopping mobile. With the proliferation of smartphones and affordable mobile internet packages, it is now easier to do your online chores just using your mobile phone.


One app that takes advantage of this is the new version of the BPI Express Mobile App.  With the newly released version, users will still be able to do regular banking transactions  found in the existing mobile app with additional features like an atm and bank locator, foreign exchange rates inquiry, promos and investment funds.


With the investment funds mobile, clients can now view details of existing investments, as well as subscribe to or redeem existing funds using their mobile devices. This is useful for busy entrepreneurs who want to invest the profits they earn from their business. No need to go to the bank and line up. You can just log in using the app and start investing anywhere you are.



Before you start investing, figure out what you want and how long you can wait. "Wealth investment should be purpose-driven. There should be a goal for certain parts of your life," says Mario Miranda, BPI Senior Vice President and Head of Wealth Management.


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