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Motivate your employees to do their best

Now, more than ever, you need motivational skills to get your people to give their best
By Romelda Ascutia |

Maya Fernandez, manager of a small public relations firm in Quezon City, laments the scarcity of staff willing to go beyond the call of duty. Her new researcher, she says, dutifully compiles published press releases, "But I miss my previous researcher who went out of her way to attach statistics, contacts and notes to her compilation without being told."

The bad times may have something to do with worker apathy. Leticia Dominguez, an accountant with an importing firm in Ortigas Center, says absenteeism in the office has grown worse because no one has received a pay raise in the past couple of years. Many workers are spending far more time looking for a better job than doing what they\\\'re paid to do, hence many entrepreneurs are finding out they must balance day-to-day management with inspiring workers to get them to perform better.

So how do you inspire your workers to do their best? Do the following:

  • Care, don\\\'t scare. Using intimidation can backfire, warns volunteer paramedic Jackie Tang, co-owner of Station 54 Caf‚, an eatery in Quezon City operated by members of the Fire Emergency Paramedic Assistance Group. Your employees may follow, but not without resentment. Treating your people as valuable members of your group is more likely to gain their cooperation.
  • Give constructive praise. Don\\\'t be too hard on someone when he\\\'s down. Scathing words can scotch any desire to improve. When you must criticize, find a positive approach, such as: "You don\\\'t seem to be working at your normal level. Perhaps we can find ways to improve the situation." And remember: Praise in public, reprimand in private.

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