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Myth vs. Fact: Going Green

Will \\\'going green\\\' help your business?
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The idea of converting your business system to a more environmental-friendly one is daunting, particularly when it comes to the time and effort—not to mention resources—you’d need to devote to the process.

Amalie Conchelle C. Hamoy-Obusan, climate and energy campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia busts some myths about businesses going green:

MYTH: Going green is expensive
FACT: A study conducted by Thor Kerr on the Green Future of Buildings presents that while going green may entail a 16-percent increase in building cost, the rewards far outweigh the expense--it increases profits and productivity and makes your space more comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing and sustainable. You will eventually treat these “expenses” as “investments”.

MYTH:  Going green is difficult
FACT: Make it simple--start with yourself. Scientists discovered that awareness of climate change and its consequences increase people’s willingness to do something about it. Check your own home and your own habits, and start with a few simple corrections (like unplugging appliances when not in use).

MYTH: My choices are too small to matter
FACT: Remember this very easy formula: Small acts x Lots of people = BIG CHANGE. Smarter buying decisions do translate into big changes in the planet. Go for products that are high in recycled or consumer waste.

MYTH: Running old appliances is a form of recycling
FACT: While you may not be contributing to the e-waste stream, keeping the old stuff is not necessarily the greenest choice either. In fact, usage of older appliances consumes 70 percent more power than new ones with energy ratings.

MYTH: We need new, more fossil-fuel-based plants to power our development
FACT: The consensus among experts is that fundamental changes in the way we produce and use energy should happen in the next five years in order to avert the worst impacts of climate change. The enactment of the Philippine Renewable Energy Law is an opportunity to aggressively pursue clean and safe renewable energy technology and implement energy efficient measures.


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