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Next9 for mommies and babies

Necessity gave birth to a mommy\\\'s business
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Necessity, to borrow from Greek philosopher Plato, is the mother of invention.

When Jen CC Tan gave birth to her first son, Kevin, she and her husband made a baby sling to help them move around with the baby. When friends saw their creation, they asked Tan to make similar slings for them.

That was how Next9, (, came about. [Read about a business that\\\'s into preserving moments here]

Four years and another son later, Tan is still running her company while working as a consultant for IP Biotech, a local trading firm involved in vaccines and other pharmaceutical products.

Next9, which began in 2006, started with P300,000. “We put in whatever disposable money we had into making initially 10 slings…But when an order from SM came in, we had to capitalize. So we borrowed money from family to meet that order. We still have a bit of outstanding loans, but we’re paying them little by little,” Tan relates.

With her consultancy work, home life and business, how does Tan manage? Savvy time management and enlisting the help of assistants and yayas when necessary, she says.

“I’m very big on hands-on parenting, and I believe in quantity and quality time,” she adds. [Read about an online home depot here]



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