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Opportunities in custom apps

Creating custom apps for enterprises prove more lucrative for developers, say two homegrown tech companies.
By KC Calpo |

In just a few years, we’ve changed from desk-bound to palm-fixed as we turn to devices with the form of mobile phones but with the smarts of full-blown computers. The popularity of smartphones has also given way to the creation of applications, or simply apps, a new yet ubiquitous word in the global lexicon.


Right now, the smartphone and app markets are ruled by a handful of players. Samsung, Apple and Nokia reign supreme in the smartphone-manufacturing arena, according to the February 2012 stat updates of mobiThinking. For mobile operating systems, Google Android had 237.7 million smartphone shipments for 2011 and racked up a 48.8 percent market share, while Apple iOS grabbed barely half of Android’s share, at 19.1 percent.


In the Philippines, trends are quite different. Statcounter’s Global Stats show that Nokia and Symbian OS still hold court among the country’s mobile users (despite their public breakup early last year), followed by heavyweights iOS and Android. The Philippines was also noted by Flurry as having an amazing 546-percent app session growth from first quarter of 2011 to same period this year. App session refers to “the launch and use of an application.”



All the numbers above help drive home a very important point: Filipino IT companies and entrepreneurs should consider getting into mobile app development. Although they can start out with free versions listed in app markets, companies must also consider app development as a core business to cater to local and global clients willing to pay for custom apps.


“Having apps on retail on the Apple App Store gives you passive income monthly, but it is in doing client enterprise apps that a development company can really make a decent profit to grow its operations,” says Yvez Gonzalez of Giro AppSolutions.


A self-taught programmer, Gonzalez collaborates with his wife and business partner Laura Noel for design and user interface, and tech investor and mentor Greg Reichow in coming up with apps, most notable of which is the MMDA iOS app.

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