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Opportunities in custom apps

Creating custom apps for enterprises prove more lucrative for developers, say two homegrown tech companies.
By KC Calpo |
<>Others under their belt are ZZips Philippines (a reference app that lists down all area and ZIP codes in the country), and Enjoy Philippines (a global privilege card program), Tawag Pinoy (which turned into zPhone), and the An Waray party list app.


Another Filipino IT company, Numlock Solutions, has unlocked the opportunities in app development. At first, Ramon Pastor, engaged in mobile development as a supporting service to differentiate his company from the competition. He was also self-taught and specifically learned about the Apple platform. In 2009, with the help of his wife Glenda and business partner Mai Ladanga, Pastor’s Numlock Solutions came out with its first iPhone app, WalletWhiz. Note-taking application MindMash and traffic app StreetSmart soon followed, and web development was promptly shown the door.


Experience taught both companies that making custom apps is indeed a more lucrative endeavor. Gonzalez points out that corporate clients will pay for high-value apps made for specific purposes, while “a big percentage of the population do not have credit cards, which you need to buy paid apps from the App Store.”



Custom apps also allow developers to fully concentrate on what the client wants instead of spending a huge chunk of their time writing code that typically end up getting cracked by pirates, a downside to consumer apps.


Lastly, apps made according to client specifications also eliminates concerns such as marketing those to the public, thus reducing the risks developers will have to take on.


A solid app portfolio is a great start to building a client base. Pastor says that the apps themselves “serve as good marketing tools for the services we provide, and we meet more prospects due to word-of-mouth and social media.” Gonzalez added: “It’s not years of experience that matters to potential clients, but what apps you’ve made.”

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