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Overcoming your fear of failure

Learn to overcome fears that prevent you from reaching your financial goals.
By Jopet Pedroso |

To become a multimillionaire has been a dream of many. Thousands in the Philippines, and millions worldwide, have achieved this dream through multi-level marketing (MLM). Hence, becoming a millionaire is a realistic dream. But what separates the losers from the winners and from the insanely successful? The ability to overcome one’s fears.


[related|post]I read it in a planner one time that fear and doubt “are the devil’s tools.” Eerie, but it did make sense. Fear and doubt in network marketing may come in the form of:
• My prospects may not believe me.
• I may not have what it takes to succeed in this business.
• I’m afraid to sell.


The three basic steps to overcoming fear: Plan, Prepare, and then Act.

Learn your business first. This is a surefire way of overcoming many fears and doubts. Understanding what you are getting into creates much sense for you and allows you to move forward with more clarity.



It’s difficult to answer people’s questions or objections about your business if you don’t know much. Attend the necessary seminars and workshops. Invest time and money on books, coaching sessions and learning opportunities. You learned engineering in 5 years; you’ll need to learn network marketing too.


Ask your business coach to make you a game plan. Practice it, then act.
Many people who join network marketing [I would have to say 99 percent] actually attend a presentation, pay for their membership, then start inviting their prospects—without even having a game plan. Is a game plan really important? Some people may ask this question. You plan a picnic, and you plan a trip to the supermarket, right? So you need to plan before embarking on a new business. Network marketing is a business, and if you intend to make a six-digit income, you need to plan.


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