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Overcoming your fear of failure

Learn to overcome fears that prevent you from reaching your financial goals.
By Jopet Pedroso |
Once you have made your game plan, ask your coach to drill you on the skills you’ll need to start: prospecting, invitation and presentation. Once he or she has certified you as “capable,” go ahead and act!


Give yourself reasons why you can succeed.
For instance, “I’ll make it because my coach gave me a game plan that he used to get his P250,000 monthly income. I just need to replicate it.”


“If others were able to do it, I can learn what they did and succeed like they did.”


“I have achieved new things in the past. I may have a difficult time in the start, but things always become easier as I go along.”

Action is the ultimate fear-buster. Fear will never go away as long as you let it fester in your mind. Preparation and practice helps you get ready for action. Action creates your results. Results will tell your mind, “I can do it well after all.”



The more you practice, the better you get, and the more confident you become. So get ready to act. You’ve now got the tools to make your multi-digit income happen.

Jopet Pedroso, a training consultant with 20 years’ experience, is currently a coach to several teams of AIM Global, a billion-peso network marketing company. He has trained thousands of MLM distributors and leaders of various other companies for over the decade.

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