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Paperpod makes you feel good about using paper

No need to feel guilty when using this affordable line of handmade eco-friendly paper.
By Joyce Roque |

It takes a combination of creativity, tenacity and hard work for an aspiring entrepreneur to piece all the details of a cool idea together and actually launch it as a viable business. This was what happened to Ethel Francisco, owner of Paperpod Seedpaper, a line of handmade plantable paper.

Literally inspired by a huge stack of scratch paper, she came up with her own brand of eco-friendly products through research and trial and error. She began by teaching herself how to make handmade paper then experimenting on how various types of seeds would grow when planted with paper.


It was in 2010 that she started selling her products in bazaars all over the metro. The brand name, Paperpod Seedpaper, came naturally since it clearly stated what the product was about - a combination of handmade paper and seed pods. asked Ethel questions on how public response to the product has been since she launched. “Because of the public’s growing concern and awareness for the environment, people do stop and take a look at the product. In the bazaars that we participate in, around 80 percent of people who stop by the booth eventually purchase their Paperpods. With the main intention of really using the paper to plant,” she wrote. “We have since made the retails products available in specialty stores like The Reading Room and EchoStore. We feel we are right on track developing the equity and value of the brand.”



Paperpod Seedpaper also accepts projects that use their paper for event collaterals like wedding invitations and party favors. Since more people are subscribing to eco-living, there is a market for alternative products that promise to have less impact on the environment. Paperpod Seedpaper is unique because it allows you to recycle it to grow plants. The paper is writable and can also be used for inkjet and laser printers.


What’s next for Paperpod Seedpaper in 2012? Ethel says, “We’ve come up with Greendays, which are monthly calendars that you can just peel away for replanting. People can get these for the month of their birthday, or for a friend or loved one."

According to Ethel, they plan on offering more eco-conscious paper products in the future for use by local businesses either for tags, bags or labels.


Click on the gallery below to see their line.


To order Paperpod Seedpaper products, click here or email They are also sold at Echo stores located in Podium and Serendra and at the Reading Room,  Cubao X.



All photos courtesy of Paperpod Seedpaper.

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