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Philippines is top social networking country

What it means for an entrepreneur
By Carlo P. Mallo |

The Philippines is neck to neck with Indonesia in terms of its social network penetration. A study by London-based consultancy Trendstream showed that roughly 75 percent of the country’s 14.4 million internet users are active online; almost the level as Indonesia. (Read complete report here)

This study shows the growing market of Filipinos who are constantly online. The study also emphasizes the importance of social media as the new medium for corporate marketing strategies. (Read tips on how to use Twitter for marketing here)

One characteristic highlighted in the study is that majority of internet users in the Philippines go online to share content at 73 percent, compared to sending and reading email at 60 percent, and creating and joining groups at 46 percent, stressing the fact that social media and the internet are likely the best tools for marketing and creating buzz for your business.

The study is based on surveys made in February in 36 countries.


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