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Photobooth biz grows through online ads

Small businesses can market their services through online advertising.
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 Al Farabi Jaafar, is President, CEO, and Head Surgeon at The Asian Tropics, an aesthetic and cosmetic clinic. When not busy with cosmetic surgery, he spends time tinkering with gadgets and technology. His hobby prompted him to enter the photo booth industry and establish Partyshots Photobooth in 2009.


He created a kiosk prototype that produces a unique magnetized photo, which he intended to market to high-end clients. But due to the increasing popularity of photo booth service and the price competition, he found it hard to break into the market. To reinforce his marketing initiatives, he decided to create a website for Partyshots Photobooth. As a tech-savvy entrepreneur, he knew he had to put more effort in creating an effective website. “There are more than 600 million websites. How do I appear on top?” he mused. “I learned how to optimize my website through search engine optimization (SEO). But I felt that it’s still not enough, so I tried to search for other ways to make it more visible,” said Jaafar.



He noticed that on Google Search, there are ads on the right side and top and bottom areas of the page. After some research, he discovered that a business can appear on these spaces with Google AdWords, an online advertising platform. Jafaar found out that one of the more efficient ways for small businesses to market their services is through online advertising. A simple website and an online ad campaign are all an entrepreneur needs to make any small business look big and get bigger.


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