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Plan C: What do you do when it all falls apart?

What do you do when even your contingency plan falls apart? Here are a few tips on how to get back on your feet.
By Kristina Mae R. Ombao |
<>Pick a business that is aligned with your passion. If you want to venture into aquaculture, you should at least know its technical side. If want to put up a bakery or a cake shop, you must be great at baking. If you follow your passion, success will follow.


If entrepreneurship is not for you, then you can go back to job-hunting. There are a lot of jobs in the market; you only have to know how to sell your competencies.


To make yourself marketable, know your strengths, your objectives, and the market. Many people find it hard to find employment because their competencies do not match the needs of the industry. If there is a mismatch between what the industry looks for and what you’re good at, then it’s time for an upgrade. Why don’t you take up short courses, earn a Masters degree, or master a new skill? Companies won’t take the initiative to develop your talents unless you have high leadership potential. It’s really up to you to keep yourself abreast of what’s new, whether it’s the latest technology or management system.



Many companies could view your experiences as an entrepreneur as an advantage, even if your venture failed. As a former business owner, you have been through various cycles of operations, and you know how to be a salesperson, manager, and cashier, among others. If you present these experiences well, they can benefit you.


Remember, the world won’t stop turning because you failed at something. Know what you want and plan how you intend to move forward.


Vicente U. Kilayko is the managing director of Lee Hecht Harrison-Drake Beam Morin Philippines (LHH-DBM). LHH-DBM is the new global leader in career transition and talent development, and it specializes in outplacement, leadership development, and change-management solutions for companies. Since 2001, LHH-DBM Philippines has been assisting companies in taking care of employees that were “transitioned” by helping them find another job, start a business, or retire. Kilayko is also an active member of the People Management Association of the Philippines.


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