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Re-branding: Do you need it?

Linde Philippines pursues re-branding for a more global appeal
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In the Philippines, the likes of Greenwich and Chowking have re-branded, a move that has contributed to their success.

Even business giants such as Gap, Coca-Cola and Google have  also undergone several changes in brand design.

And now, a local industrial gas group, Southern Industrial Gases and Consolidated Industrial and Consolidated Industrial Gases,  is saying goodbye to its brand name after 30 years of using it and will now be known as Linde Philippines. [See seven factors that make or break a business here]

What made the group decide to pursue re-branding?

“Branding is the identity of the product. It is as important as the product itself, as you cannot take away the brand from the product,” Dennis B. Jordan, managing director of Linde Philippines, Inc. said during the brand launch Wednesday.

“Rebranding as Linde Philippines is a milestone for our business. CIGI and SIG have a strong legacy and a history of innovation and excellence that we can build on as we continue to uphold the Linde brand of global excellence. Under our new Linde Philippines brand, we will continue to take the lead in safety, product quality, operational excellence and customer service,” he added. [See six traits foreign brands look for in a local franchisee here]

Under its new brand, Linde Philippines,  claims to be the country’s largest industrial gas company that has a direct customer base and operates the largest nationwide network of production and distribution facilities and gas and gear sales centers with five sites in Luzon and 18 sites in Visayas and Mindanao.


Jordan, however, cautions businesses against re-branding just for the sake of having a new identity. He cited three factors that should be taken into consideration in the decision whether to re-brand or stick to your tried and tested identity:

1.    Preparation

“It is not easy to undergo a re-branding process. You have to change your logos, names, and all collateral materials to project your new brand. It takes time to prepare a new brand that will convey the message that you want your consumers to get,” Jordan said.

2.    Survey

“We had to review and conduct study on which of the two brands, the old one and the new one, we should choose. Should we maintain the old one or we go for the new one? It was also during this time that we saw the opportunity to resolve one of our problems,” Jordan said.

3.    Future

“We also took the future of the company into consideration. We want the new brand to show that our products are world class and at par with the highest quality standards,” Jordan said.

Linde Philippines serves hospitals, restaurants, and industrial establishments that are engaged in electronics, shipbuilding, mining, metals and steel, automotive, chemicals and petrochemicals. [Read about local brands eyeing apps to push sales here]

 “The future starts today and we truly believe that carrying the brand of Linde Philippines reinforces the strong foundation that CIGI and SIG has built through the years, whilst ushering the exciting future of a unified brand, legacy and expertise of The Linde Group for the delivery of innovative solutions that will help shape the country’s future,”  Jordan added.

The Linde Group is a gases and engineering company that serves in 100 countries worldwide. -Carlo P. Mallo

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