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Set up an online storefront

If you are thinking of putting up an online store, it\\\'s ok to take hints from Amazon or Zappos.
By Bernadette Reyes |

In an industry where foresight in technology, logistics and online consumer behaviour are considered a competitive edge, you as an aspiring e-commerce mogul must also develop that flair. Read up on global and local trends (we heard mobile will contribute much more to e-commerce in the next five years) develop products and services that can actually work on such a platform, then go beyond the stalking to actually working on your visual storefront. Here\\\'s how you can get started.

Are you fit for e-commerce?

-Are your products and services competitive for the global marketplace online?

-Can your systems and logistics accommodate sudden surges in online traffic and orders online?

-Are you aware of cybercrimes and are you willing to take steps to prevent or minimize those?

If you answered yes to these questions, and you can say that you are committed to protecting your online customers, then you can take the plunge to opening the online store.


Set up your website


Your URL will be your official address on the web. The best way to formulate one is to use the name of your business as in Other companies with witty taglines use those rather than their company names. For example, MasterCard has dedicated for all its unique offers to consumers.


All the information you put in your website goes to a file management software that serves as your date warehouse online. Companies offering domain names usually offer hosting services as well, so you can search for bundled packages.

-Web design

of your website will be based on the kind of user experience you want to create for your online customers. Think of it as your virtual storefront where you lead your customers to certain sections so they can check out new arrivals or items on sale. Some companies hire web developers, while others are fine using pre-designed templates available online.


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