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Setting shop at home and going freelance

Just a few decades ago working from home meant you were either a housewife or a telemarketer.
By Jay Bernardo |
<>And while many already choose to go freelance and operate from home, only a few choose to register the business. There are benefits to making it official even you’re home-based or freelance. One is the legitimacy of contracts. You can issue out official receipts. Even if you’re home-based or freelance, other companies would trust a company like yours more. Also, if you’re registered, your assets don’t get tied up. Meaning if it’s a business, it’s separate from you. You don’t want the business to be dragged down by anything that might happen to you.


By registering, you become more legit as a company, and there can be other people who can be involved. If you’re a consultant, for example, and you register as a company, there may be other consultants who may want to join your company. There’s that flexibility. And those who have registered their businesses as corporations can offer their services to multi-national companies that typically prefer to deal with companies rather than individuals.



Financially speaking, the amount of money you should invest in such a business would, of course, depend on the type of business. But definitely, it’s not as much as being office-based. You’re paying for equipment that you are directly going to use, in contrast to being in an office where you pay for utilities like rent and electricity separately.

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