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Setting your personal and business boundaries

This can have a huge impact on your biz.
By Aileen Santos, CPC MAC |

One major reason we can get really overwhelmed as entrepreneurs is that we often fail to set boundaries on our business and  personal lives. This is particularly true for Filipinos - especially Filipino businesswomen - because pakikisama is a practice we associate with our culture and because we simply don\\\'t like offending anyone.


While keeping good relationships is an excellent business & personal practice, we need to learn the art of doing this without compromising our emotional & mental peace of mind. Simply put, setting good boundaries is all about knowing our own limits for each area of our life, and clearly and positively communicating these to the people who need to know. Now, the question is: How would you know if your stress is caused by inadequate boundary-setting?


Let\\\'s find out through the following examples:

Poor Boundaries With Clients

  • You\\\'ve signed a clear contract with your client about your expectations from each other, and things are going smoothly. Then the client asks for something more than what was agreed on from you - casually and in passing - and because you\\\'re on good terms you say yes and just do it. But then it happens again, and although you again give in to the request, deep inside you\\\'re really becoming resentful and angry.


Poor Boundaries With Team Members

  • Your employees have been with you \\\'forever\\\' and because they\\\'ve been loyal to you, you already consider them as members of your family. Everything was fine, but then your business (and cash flow) started becoming affected by small things: An employee\\\'s child got hospitalized and he needed an emergency advance from you to pay for the medical bills. Or you have a really good employee who\\\'s almost earning zero each month because she\\\'s paying off months\\\' worth of debt from you, so of course she has to borrow again for her daily needs.


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