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Simple space management mantras to live by

Manage your work area or store space to make your operations more efficient and your business even more productive.
By Jan Vincent Sarabia Ong |

According to the wisdom of Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince, what is essential is invisible to the eye. In the case of businesses, space is something unseen but extremely important to how it is run. It affects the speed of delivery, presentation to customers, and even the behavior of your staff.


Space should not be taken for granted; instead, it should be effectively planned for the smooth flow of operations (and, more practically, to keep electrical expenses manageable). Here are five simple space management mantras to maximize your work area for you, your employees, and your customers:


Mini mall: Think of yourself as a mini-mall manager, and each of your products and people as tenants. Each product should be able to pay the rent according to how valuable they are to your business. For example, fast-moving items or items that have great potential should be given more space than less valuable ones. Space for your staff should be thought out too, because giving them room to move (and breathe) will keep them happy and productive.



Business traffic flow: What is the traffic flow of your business? How is your product made or shipped out, and how do your customers buy your products? These are essential questions for any business. It is best to observe how both your staff and your customers move around your store or office. Staff should be able to do their work without excess steps to accomplish it. Customers should be able to go around the store and see what they want to buy without feeling inconvenienced. Traffic flow will help achieve the kind of behavior that you want in your store.


Untangle the wired jungle: From computers to hair dryers, every business will require various kinds of equipment for it to run, yet they will all be plugged into an electrical outlet. It is best to look for where these plugs and outlets are in your business, as they will affect your traffic flow.



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