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Supplier 101: Types of restaurants

As a supplier, there are many things you can do to make sure you create a good relationship with the businesses you partner with.
By Peter Imbong |

As a supplier, you must learn the nature of the restaurant you deal with - the needs and offerings- to provide better solutions and services to your client.


One-branch restaurant concept that's often homegrown and starts with limited staff and marketing efforts.


When an owner of an independent restaurant decides to add one or more  branches, yet maintains full control of the operations of each branch in one holding company.


A mother company shares branding, marketing efforts, operational systems, and supplies with multiple independent business owners in exchange for royalties and monthly commissions.

Quick service

Known for quick food production, serving food in about 10 minutes, these restaurants pre-cook food that can be heated and served quickly when ordered.

Fast casual

More creative in menu items, boasting of signature food and specialties, and a relaxed ambiance.


Leisure dining with pricier cuisine and longer service, usually patronized for special occasions and business functions.


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