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Taking it to the next level

Keeping customers is a lot like cultivating romantic relationships: it\\\'s an art, and you have to learn its cycle
By Aileen Santos, CPC MAC |

Attracting, satisfying and keeping great customers follows a cycle. As they progress in their relationship with you, they also tend to expect and need different things.


When you clearly know what clients expect at each stage, you waste less time second-guessing and can meet their needs more efficiently--giving you more time to keep your own life balanced.


Here\\\'s a quick guide on how you can easily convince customers at each stage to take your relationship to the next level:


Stage 1: "Looking"

They\\\'re not your customers yet, but they could be. The point is that they\\\'re looking for someone like you, but they don\\\'t know you\\\'re out there and "available."


What They Need: Awareness of your business and the solutions you offer, through advertising, marketing, and word of mouth.


Your "Next Level" Technique: Offer them convenient ways to get all their questions answered (websites are great for this), and collect their contact information so that you can keep them updated about special offers.


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