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Team building on a budget

Do you need to have team building sessions, and how can you have one when funding is tight?
By Dr. Agnes "Aggie" Sarthou |

Q: I run an accounting firm with less than 20 personnel. Though we are a small group, I think team building sessions would be helpful for us. But how can we have them when there is very little budget?

A: Before budget considerations, it is best to assess whether you really need a team building session. It should not be confused with "team recreation" which consists of just "feel good" or relaxation activities. There is no point in spending on something you do not really need.  


Creating effective teams is a challenge in every organization and may be pursued through a variety of practices. It can range from simple bonding exercises to complex simulations, multi-day trust building, communication and group dynamic games.


When is a team building session necessary? These are possible reasons for holding a team building session:

  • Improving communication and building trust
  • Enhancing inter-personal or inter-departmental collaboration
  • Creating a nurturing or enjoyable environment
  • Motivating team members to perform better
  • Getting everyone "onto the same page", painting the big picture


Assuming your team legitimately needs a team building session, there are many creative ways of fitting it into your budget. Here are some cost-cutting tips:



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