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Television is the most trusted news source according to poll

Blogs registered lowest trust rating
By Entrepreneur Staff |

When it comes to trust ratings, the Filipino public trusts television most, as 78 percent of the respondents of the Philippine Trust Index stated.

The Philippine Trust Index, the first-ever quantitative study on the level and drivers of trust in key institutions in the Philippines, was designed and conducted by stakeholder relations firm,  EON Inc., for the first time in 2011 in line with its mission to help organizations build trust-based relationships with their target publics.

The study showed that television, with 78 percent, is the most trusted. Online news sites, with 68 percent, radio, with 66 percent, and newspapers with 66 percent were still the most trusted sources of news and information.

Blogs registered the lowest trust level of 37 percent, but social networking sites were more trusted by 49 percent of respondents.

The study also revealed that a person within the institution are the most trusted sources of information about the organization; except in government where a media personality is seen as the most credible source of information. Across all institutions, including the government, the head of the organization is a less trusted source of information. The preferred person for credible information is an advocate, a representative or a member of that organization.

"For the surveyed stakeholder groups, the Philippine Trust Index could be a useful guide in finding ways to establish and build trust, keeping in mind that the current communication landscape, as well as global influences, foster public skepticism and increased expectations. Trust consequently becomes more difficult to gain,” said Junie del Mundo, EON Chief Executive Officer. “Over time, we can expect that Filipinos’ definition will evolve, shaped on what organizations do and communicate. How these institutions respond and communicate will determine how they can nurture, or shatter trust in themselves.”


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