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The 3 benefits of great copywriting

How do you boost the value of your product or service? Mind your language.
By Eileen Ang |

Think of a product you like, and chances are, you\\\'ll immediately recall the tagline from its TV or radio ad. You can credit effective copywriting for that. “Copywriting—in its strictest, marketing-related sense—refers to the words used in advertisements and commercials, written for the purpose of influencing attitudes and stimulating purchase and consumption, or other desired actions like voting,” says Jaime Ong Ph.D., a communications specialist with extensive experience in both the academe and industry.


[related|post]Ignoring the value of copywriting is a big mistake. “Audiences expect brands to be clever and memorable, otherwise they quickly lose interest and move on,” says Malyn Molina, assistant vice president for client services at EON, a communication consultancy firm. “Copy must appeal to the people who will partake of the brand.” Aside from driving your sales, what can good copywriting do for your business?
1. Get your brand message across.
Copy is “what articulates your brand proposition,” Raoul Panes, executive creative director of ad agency Leo Burnett Philippines, says. So make sure it addresses the needs of your market. And while your copy must be snappy, it also should be uncomplicated.



While a tagline can immortalize a brand, it need not include the name of the product. Ong cites San Miguel Beer’s “Isang platitong mani” ad campaign—originally launched in the 1980s and updated in 2009—because “it evokes humor and good memories.” Both the words and imagery are accessible to mass consumers, which is San Miguel’s core market.

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