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The business of beer

Who knew that ice cold beer can be a global business?
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Beer Below Zero (BBZ) has totally redefined the whole drinking experience by setting a benchmark for the coldest beers.

A lot of beer aficionados have changed their beer drinking habits. Cold bottles of beer served in a bucket of ice are not enough. It has to be served the BBZ way, your favorite beer draped in a thin layer of frost served at a temperature just before it freezes.

BBZ today not only refers to the beer product but may also mean the act of drinking the coldest beer or a bottle of beer in its coldest form. In short, BBZ has redefined the name and standards of drinking beer.

BBZ, the pioneering force behind the extremely cold beer phenomenon, has announced their expansion plans starting third quarter of this year. To date, BBZ has already spread the “cold treatment” to Guam and Singapore. The aggressive expansion plan for the third and fourth quarters of the year includes Hawaii, San Francisco, Palau, Saipan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.  2012 expansion plans include Korea, Japan, Australia and more states in the USA.

“We are executing our international expansion according to plan” explains Luigi Nunez, president and CEO of Beer Below Zero. He adds “Though the local demand for our service is also increasing, we can’t ignore the prospects from international markets”. Nunez says their group is very proud that other nationalities have caught the BBZ bug, a truly Filipino ingenuity.

From humble beginnings three years ago, BBZ is already gaining a name in the international markets. From tinkering and modifying commercially available freezers in the market, BBZ has already invested in their own brand of freezers specifically manufactured according to their specifications.

“We are targeting BBZ to be available in 300 outlets in the Philippines and 100 outlets in international markets by end of 2011”, adds Vinson Co Say, VP & CFO of BBZ. He says “The demand for BBZ is amazing. Maybe we are just lucky we stumbled upon an idea that has a huge demand waiting to be supplied”. By end of 2012, BBZ should have a total of 1,000 outlets nationwide and 500 outlets in international markets.


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