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The dos and don\\\'ts of a successful sales pitch

The successful sales pitch puts the customer front and center of the presentation.
By Peter Imbong |

In order to make a client-centric pitch, take the following steps:

1.    Know Your Client: The content, structure and execution of your presentation should vary depending on the client’s situation and personality type.

2.    Prepare Yourself: Recognize the importance of preparing yourself emotionally before making a sales presentation. This determines the tone of the pitch and the manner by which you communicate with the potential client.

3.    Think Like and With the Client: During the presentation, it is important to use a client-centric approach accompanied by the proper verbal and thinking patterns, to match your client’s logic, sentiments, and processing sequence. You need to know how your client thinks.

When Preparing or Conducting a Pitch, Do Not:

1.    Shoot Blanks: Walking in to present without proper knowledge of the client’s situation and personality is definitely a no-no. You can’t come in and expect to just “wing it.” If you are not armed with this knowledge, save yourself the trip; your sales pitch is doomed even before delivery.


2.    Blast the Client: This happens when you engage in a monologue, instead of taking the interactive client-centric approach. You cannot expect the client to make the big decision of buying into whatever you are selling after being blasted with too much information.

3.    Hard Sell: The use of hard-selling closing techniques only results in either an outright turn-off or buyer’s remorse. Consider what clients look for in a sales pitch. “Prospects and clients look for relevance and fit,” says Untivero. “They also prefer dealing with someone who shows and communicates understanding of their situation’s needs, wants and constraints.”

The bottom line, according to Untivero is that “client-centric selling, as opposed to sales pitches, delivers far more success, high customer satisfaction rate, with minimum time and effort required on the part of the seller. In other words the method is optimal.”

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