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The impact of the proposed internet regulations on small business

Changes to the Internet Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs)can impact users and businesses.
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<>"The Internet has become a 21st-century trading route. Regulating the Internet’s openness may take away the innovation, creativity and dynamic growth that has contributed immensely to the global economy, and has helped shape the economies of developing countries such as the Philippines and India,” said Mapa. “This may prove to be worrisome since Internet technologies improve productivity and output for SMEs.” A McKinsey & Company report cites that SMEs that use Internet technologies grow and export twice as much as those that do not.


Other concerns about the ITRs include the risk of stifling innovation due to tedious regulation and excessive control; increasing costs and restricting access; and threatening economic development, especially in emerging markets.


From December 3 to 14, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) will convene a treaty conference in Dubai, which among other matters, will discuss whether the Internet should now be brought within the scope of its regulations (ITRs), instead of the open, voluntary, multi-stakeholder model that has served the Internet so well. The 193 member-nations of the ITU will decide and vote on these and other proposals as part of an update to the ITRs which were last reviewed in 1988. Each member gets one vote and a majority can enforce changes.


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