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The path from startup to going big time

Former diplomat takes on the messy world of PR, introducing stakeholder relations along the way.
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Photo shows Junie del Mundo of EON Stakeholder Relations Inc.


EON Stakeholder Relations Inc. wasn’t always the big player it now is in the world of public relations.

At the initial stages of EON, cash flow was my constant concern as owner and managing director of EON Stakeholder Relations Inc.

Since we were doing events initially, there was not steady source of income. I had to make sure that we never ran out of projects. [See six tools vs. bad publicity here]

I was salesman, networker and project director—I was always out selling and looking for new projects. I felt that I was losing money if I stayed behind my desk. I would always heave a sigh of relief when we had a new account, as that would mean steady cash flow for a specific number of months.

To expand EON’s offerings, my business partner Jeannie Javelosa, and I created new products and services to meet client demands. Tenacity helped us through—most of the time, we did not even know how to deliver what clients needed but we always found a way to meet their demands.

I knew next to nothing about accounting or finance, and had to learn everything from scratch, usually following my gut.

My efforts paid off-EON bagged one project after another. Eventually, EON got into public and media relations and became the Philippine affiliate of Edelman Inc., a global communications firm. [See seven ways to market your business here]

Three years ago, it introduced stakeholder relations to the industry—a challenge in itself.

It was difficult enough to be in public relations, as we are known as the poor second cousin of advertising. Introducing a new discipline, a new concept, is even riskier. But with the economic downturn, businesses started to understand what stakeholder relations was all about: that they have to take proactive measures in building customer trust beyond self-serving advertising and press releases.

Today, EON is recognized as the only firm engaged in the business of creating trust-based relationships between its clients and their stakeholders. [Learn about marketing on a shoestring here]

Through all these, I have strived to keep my eye on the ball. I have had my share of tough times, many of which drove me to question my decisions. I wanted to quit especially when we did not have enough projects and money was difficult.


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