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The path from startup to going big time

Former diplomat takes on the messy world of PR, introducing stakeholder relations along the way.
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I had doubts if I could really make it in the private sector. I tried several times to go back to the safe world of Department of Foreign Affairs, but fortunately, a former boss closed that option on me.

 I try not to lose sight of what makes EON tick—the collective brilliance of the best people who are experts in various fields—people who are hungry to learn and genuinely interested to be part of a dynamic and proactive firm that is doing business with a purpose.

We shamelessly call ourselves the leader in the industry, a leader who is sensitive to the needs of its clients and genuinely cares for their concerns. A leader is as only as  good as its vision, which is why EON always works with a goal in mind. [Find out why media attention is a must for SMEs here]

Our role is to leverage on the power of communication to encourage people and organizations to agree on making things happen in ways that address the needs of people and the society.

EON Stakeholder Relations Inc.
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