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Things to remember when using social networks to reach customers

It\\\'s a techie world after all
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Getting your business join social networking sites can be pretty exciting, especially in the first few months. It can, however, get very complex for employees who also have their own private presence online, particularly in popular sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The question is always where does the person\\\'s private presence end and where does his corporate presence start? Social media news source, Mashable, has listed the following pointers in dealing with problems that may arise from your business\\\' social networking site presence.

•    Understand.
Before you do anything else, you have to spend time understanding your internal culture and your employees\\\' facility with social tools. Understand your organizational objectives and map your goals of social media engagement to that.

•    Extend the conversation.
Make sure to create a space where people can find you and ask questions. It can be an internal blog or an internal discussion group.

•    Empower.
Highlight the "Dos" over the "Don\\\'ts" in your policy. Focus the discussion on positive behaviors in your governance. What do you want people to do to drive their careers and the company forward?

•    Address problems proactively and gently.
There will be things that go awry. It’s always better to politely point out the problematic tweet or blog comment in private. Most people want to do the right thing even if they make mistakes. Identify problem areas for your organization and create additional guidance around them.

•     "These thoughts are my own."
Encourage people to speak for themselves, not the brand, even when they are talking about the space and the company. Make sure that your employees as well as official spokespeople have access to brand documents and Q&As.

For more pointers, visit Mashable.


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