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Three tactics to break into the global scene

SMEs urged to go "green" in order to penetrate the global market
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Want to go global? Then take the “green” route. [Read about the Philippines getting huge investments in green energy here]

Fashion designer Percy “PJ” Arañador said small and medium enterprises must realize that the global market is putting a premium on products that have lesser impact on the environment. [Read DTI lines up training seminars for SMEs here]

 “Entrepreneurs who want to sustain their present market and widen their reach must be responsible in how they produce their products. All of us must be responsible producers so that we will be able to meet the demand. It means that we have to look for ideas and ways to preserve our sources of raw materials and the entire production process,” Arañador said. [See the top eco-friendly practices of businesses here]

Arañador is a product development consultant for the Mindanao Trade Expo (MTE) 2010, which will run this weekend in Davao City. [Read more about the MTE 2010 here]
According to Arañador, entrepreneurs must take note of these three strategies in trying to break into the global scene:

1.    Consider cultural consumerism,  which is done by crossing two patterns (e.g. mix Maranao pattern with French prints).

“By crossing two different patterns, adding new touch to old furniture, and using ecologically sustainable raw materials, entrepreneurs don’t only produce new products but more importantly they help save the environment,” Arañador said.

2.    Retro or going back to the classics [See 70 sources of raw materials here]

“We’re making old things new again and we’re even adding soul to the antiques and vintage products. We’re also making use of the indigenous raw materials. Thus, we’re showing that we are responsible producers,” Arañador said.

3.    Don’t forget the green thing

“In using indigenous raw materials, producers are assured of sustainable supply of raw materials which is a very important factor in meeting the market demand,” Arañador added.


 This year,  the MTE’s theme focuses on ecology and the rich tradition of Mindanao.

"The global green market is estimated to be a multi-billion industry. There is really a huge opportunity that can be tapped by the Mindanao producers. We just have to explore that opportunity and inject some innovations on our products in order to capture the demand,”  said  Ann T. Pamintuan, MTE chair.


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