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Time to invest

Here are tips on how to make your money work for you.
By Tania Bautista |

There’s a lot to be said about Jose Mari Lim, 55, but being a bad investor isn’t one of them. Having experienced running companies as a member of top management (among them Asea Brown Boveri and PhilCotton Corp.), this business consultant, farm owner (he owns 90 hectares of rice land), and business professor (De La Salle University) has created a gold mine from a diversified pool of investment vehicles. Here’s how he did it.


Investment for starters

An investor should be mindful of three things at the outset, shares Lim. “You have to determine the amount of capital you are willing to lose, set your investment goal, and then decide which investment vehicle is most comfortable for you,” he says. Because an investor will most likely deal with something he is not familiar with, Lim suggests investing with small capital first, but putting in bigger amounts as you get the drift of an investment vehicle.



Setting a target

Investments can either be short-term or long-term, both requiring an investment goal, such as increasing savings or diversifying investments. What’s important is having clear investment goals because it tells you where you are financially. “If you know where you are, you know what to do with your investment,” Lim adds.


Choosing an investment vehicle

Before making an investment, Lim says: “Study a business and then determine whether you are capable of starting it up or not. You have to study its capital and market requirements. Find out if you have the required resources and the relative expertise to jump into a particular business.”


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