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Tips for an exceptional trade show experience

Trade shows can offer opportunities for any entrepreneur looking to move up in the world of business.
By Robyn Villanueva |

Trade shows can offer opportunities for any entrepreneur looking to move up in the world of business. There are certain ways to navigate a trade show in order to get the most out of the experience. Likewise, there are also things to avoid while attending events of this nature. Being aware of what to do can be the difference between taking your venture to the next level and potentially missing a multitude of opportunities.



Jon Richmond Ang, the Marketing Director of Worldbex Services International has sage words to offer any entrepreneur attending a trade show whether it’s their first or their fiftieth. “Do your homework,” says Ang. “Request a copy of the floor plan with a list of the exhibitors. This way, you\\\'ll know which booths you want to go to. Bring a map of the expo, a cellphone, a camera, a small notebook, and pen and plenty of calling cards. Wear comfy business attire. Make sure to bring a foldable bag or a trolley for those bulky samples and brochures. If you want to cover everything, do the classic ‘zigzag’- start from the rightmost hallway to the next, until you reach the opposite wall of the venue.”


Adriann Caldozo and Jillian Mambaloa- the team behind a site focusing on hosting a “responsible lifestyle marketplace” echoes these sentiments saying: “Important considerations are the foot traffic, the cost, and the target market. Put simply, you really have to know who and what you’re going to be dealing with from potential networking opportunities to navigating the premises."



"Dress to make a good impression but keep in mind that you’ll be walking around a lot so think about comfort as well. For the ladies, these may mean shoes with shorter heels. For the men, find a pair of leather shoes that have been thoroughly broken in. Clothing that breathes well could be ideal since wading through a crowd could bring on a sweat. It’s a turn-off to do business with someone sweaty and obviously irate from uncomfortable shoes. Also, if you spend most of your time lost at the trade show, you’re unlikely to get much done," they added.


Michael Martinez of Crunchon, a restaurant start-up with a focus on Pampanga’s fried lechon, also offers insight when it comes to interacting at trade shows once you’ve dressed well and gotten familiar with your surroundings. “Be sure to act very professional. Being on your cell phone is not exactly the best way to sell. Do take notes. You are bound to have a conversation with a LOT of people. If something important was talked about, don\\\'t rely on your memory.”



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