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Tool to monitor trends

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<>If you had a tool to find out what your customers are specifically interested in, wouldn’t that be a great help when you craft your product launch, marketing and advertising campaign plans?

Just recently, search engine giant Google Inc. has released a Filipinized version of its free trend watching software Insights for Search, which enables users to see what people are searching for or talking about by measuring keyword usage through Google’s search portal.

According to Jay Trinidad, Google Asia Pacific’s Regional Product Marketing Manager for Consumer Products, entrepreneurs can see real-time demand for products and services in a localized context. By leveraging Google’s dominance in the search engine category, users can now glean what people want by the number of searches a certain keyword generates.

“Insights for Search offers a glimpse into the spirit of the times. What the world is searching for offers an insight into what’s interesting to people around the world. An understanding of broad as well as particular trends can be useful for advertisers, marketers, economists, and everyday people interested in knowing more about their world,” he said.

The company feels that by rolling out the product in Filipino, local users will be more encouraged to use the tool to compare trends and increase the number of actionable information they possess.

“For us, the user always comes first, and by making the language used in the program more accessible to more people, it will hopefully be of more use to them in the long run,” he said.

A barometer of consumer behavior

For entrepreneurs, the data provided by Insights for Search can prove very useful in aiding marketing initiatives or drive advertising. In fact, the tool is ‘deep’ enough to narrow search terms to particular regions and time periods, so users can search cross references or compare data from previous years to help predict trends or consumer interest for a particular product or service.

“This tool gives you an idea of what’s top-of-mind for users at any particular time span. People search for what’s relevant to them, and this can be useful for businesses looking to target these consumers for a particular product or service. That is why ‘search’ is a natural platform for advertising, because you now know what people want,” Trinidad said.

He also stressed that search trends reflected in the program are partly a result of current events. Consumer behavior can be thus summed up and correlated to a particular season or event through the use of visual maps the website provides. The users can then embed the visual maps to their websites, for quick and easy reference.

“What we have discovered is that what happens in the ‘offline world’ greatly influences what people look for in the web. A case in point is that with elections coming up, people are more interested in related topics and this leads to a spike in user activity when you measure keywords related to candidates or the election itself,” he said.

Google’s Insight for Search is a free online tool, and the company says they have no immediate plans to start charging for the product anytime soon. Users can start using the software by simply logging on to So whether you are an online advertiser looking to grow your keywords list, a small business trying to analyze trends or simply looking to settle a popularity contest, Google’s Insight for Search is a great tool to have.


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