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Train your mind to create the best business solutions

Simple technique to find the best method of managing your problems.
By Aileen Santos, CPC MAC |
<>Person B\\\'s automatic question was probably: Does this really matter? And his mind supplied him with another answer: "Not so much, so I\\\'ll just wash it off."

In short: Our automatic questions determine our thoughts. If you learn to choose the right questions, you will train your mind to produce better thoughts as well as solutions!

15 best questions you can train your mind to ask

When you start becoming aware that your automatic questions practically direct the way you live your life, you\\\'ll want to feed your mind better questions. And even when you find yourself reverting back to old automatic (and not very useful) thoughts, all you have to do is pause and feed yourself a more useful question.

Here are 15 of the most useful questions an entrepreneur can feed his/her mind. Regularly using them ? and consciously asking yourself these questions at critical times ? will help you maximize your brain power. Pretty soon, your mind will be coming up with amazing solutions every day, instead of wasting energy on anxiety and worry.

Try to use these powerful questions today:

3 questions when you need to decide if a problem is urgent
If I don\\\'t solve this now, what will be its impact on my business / life / relationships in the next:
o 5 days?
o 5 months?
o 5 years?

3 questions when you need to decide if your solution is the best one you have right now
If I implement my solution now, how will this impact my business / life / relationships in the next:
o 5 days?
o 5 months?
o 5 years?

4 questions when you\\\'re overwhelmed by worry because of a problem


o How is this problem absolutely perfect for me right now?

o What valuable lessons is this problem teaching me?

o What\\\'s the worst thing that could happen if I cannot manage this problem right now?

o What is my plan of action for surviving/dealing with this worst case scenario?

5 questions when you\\\'re not sure about the next step

o What do I already know about this?
o What else do I need to find out?
o What 3 next steps can I do that I?d be at peace with?
o Who has done this before, and how can I quickly learn from him/her?
o How can I delegate this to someone who?d better know what to do?

Now ask yourself: When will you start maximizing your mind\\\'s power today?

Aileen Santos is an internationally certified Work-Life ReInvention Coach & A-Ha! Trainer who helps overwhelmed leaders and entrepreneurs achieve balance and success in the things that truly matter.


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